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About Fairview Rural Fire Department

Our Organization

Fairview Rural Fire Department is a rural combination fire department located in southern Wake County in North Carolina. We are dedicated to protecting life and property within our coverage area and providing assistance to our neighboring departments. Our two stations are located off of Ten Ten Road and are staffed by experienced, highly-trained firefighters, both career and volunteer, who are committed to providing excellent service. We are proud to serve our community and strive to provide the best possible service with the latest firefighting technology and safety procedures.

Fairview holds a NC OSFM Public Protection Classification 3 rating.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect life and property, preserve the environment, and promote safe and responsible behavior. We are dedicated to delivering these services with the highest level of integrity, courtesy, and compassion. We strive to be proactive in our approach to fire prevention and safety, providing educational programs and resources to our community members.

Our commitment to excellence and service is unwavering. We are proud to serve our community and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.

Our History

Established in 1963 as the Ten Ten Fire Department of Fairview Community. Founder Gene Ogburn was also known as the person who brought foam machine to help extinguish 1964 fire in Bryan Building at Cameron Village. Incorporated later as Fairview Rural Fire Department, Inc.


In 1963, the first fire station (a two-bay brick building) was constructed at 4501 Ten Ten Road) on land provided by Fairview Community Center. The first fire truck was an early 1950's weapons carrier purchased from federal surplus. Placed in service as Engine #1, the unit was modified by Marvin Powell, Gerald Atkins Sr., and Craven Langston at William Powell's. Two Ford taillights were mounted on the hood as emergency lights. Paint was donated by Sander's Motor Company and Wade Cummings painted the apparatus in a chicken house. K&L built the 450 gallon tank. The pump was 80 GPM, petroleum-fueled.


Throughout the years, firefighters funded, and often built, several their own fire trucks using apparatus from State surplus and other sources.


In 1982, Fairview became first rural fire department in Wake County to offer EMS First Responder service. The first call was answered the following Wednesday night for a two-car accident at the intersection of Ten Ten and Holly Springs roads. The department was chosen by Wake County as part of a pilot program due to its location between four rescue districts (Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Garner). Members completed a 45-hour course that certified them as "first responders" who could respond to health-related emergencies, and render aid until emergency medical technicians arrive.


In 1990, a second fire station was completed at 7401 Ten Ten Road.


In 2000, members founded and incorporated the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation, a non-profit organization to support families of firefighters killed in the line of duty.


Today, after more than 50 years, Fairview firefighters continue the tradition of service to the community with a combined career and volunteer officers and staff. Fairview operates at an EMT level for medical response, and most personnel hold various State and National fire and medical certifications.


Excerpts courtesy Mike Legeros,

Our Leadership Team



        A SHIFT                                                             B SHIFT                                                                C SHIFT

              CAPTAIN HALE                                               CAPTAIN SANDY                                            CAPTAIN BLACKFORD

         LIEUTENANT WARWICK                                    LIEUTENANT LEWIS                                         LIEUTENANT LYNCH

          FIREFIGHTER MCNABB                                   FIREFIGHTER PRETLOW                                   FIREFIGHTER MANNING

     TANKER DRIVER HERRING (PT)                           TANKER DRIVER COUCH (PT)                         TANKER DRIVER UHRIG (PT)



 A SHIFT                                                                B SHIFT                                                                 C SHIFT

                             CAPTAIN SMITH                                                 CAPTAIN GRADY JR.                                         CAPTAIN MURPHY

                         LIEUTENANT PASCUA                                        LIEUTENANT STEWART                                      LIEUTENANT GUINN

                        FIREFIGHTER PAWLOSKI                                     FIREFIGHTER BENTON                                     FIREFIGHTER ROSSWAY

                       FIREFIGHTER RODOLICO                                   FIREFIGHTER VEGA-VEGA                                  FIREFIGHTER ORLOWSKI


AIRINGTON, HORACE                                  ALLEN, DONALD                               ARVIN, JAMES                                  ATKINS JR., GERALD

ATKINS, GERALD                                          BYARS, HUNTER                               CARON, MICHAEL                            CLEGG, ALAN

COCHRAN, J RONALD                                 COCHRAN JR., ROY                         FRANKS, JOSEPH                             FRANKS, WALTER

GOODWIN, CHARLIE                                    HOLT, DELLON                                 HUSSEY, DONALD                            JONES, BILLY

KILGORE, TOMMY                                         LAMM, GLENN                                 LANGSTON, CRAVEN                       MURRAY, BRANTLEY

MURRAY JR., LEE                                          PIERCE, ASHLEY                              PIERCE, BRADLEY                             PIERCE, CHRISTOPHER

PIERCE, DONALD                                         PIERCE, GLENN                                PIERCE, HAROLD                               PIERCE, JEFFREY

PIERCE, LEWIS                                              PIERCE, THOMAS A                         POWELL, MARVIN                             PRINCE, ROBERT

WEST, FURMAN                                            WEST, JOEL                                      WEST, KENNETH                               WILLIAMS, DAVID 

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